Welcome to the world of Historic Dance...

Lottie has been performing in Historic Dance groups for over 10 years. Covering the 11th- 20th Century- Lottie can teach you dances from Medieval, Tudor, Renaissance, Baroque, Regency (Jane Austen), Victorian and the 1940s. 

If you would like to experience the earliest forms of documented dance, learn how you would have danced with Mr Darcy or celebrate VE day with an appropriate swing dance then Lottie can help! 


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Workshops and Classes

Lottie has a full line up of Workshops and Classes planned for the year. Whether you want to learn the earliest recorded dances in a Medieval Dance Workshop or test out your Regency moves in an actual Georgian State Room- Lottie has got you covered!

You can check out all the upcoming Workshops and classes on our page


Lottie is so grateful to be involved in some fantastic events this year alongside her full programme of workshops. 

In particular, Lottie is involved in the York Georgian Festival 2024 including hosting a lecture, running some workshops and leading the dancing at the very first York Georgian Ball, held at York Assembly Rooms! 

You can check out all upcoming events on our page


Lottie has been performing historic dance for over 10 years and currently has several solo baroque dances in her repertoire. She is hoping to establish a local performance group in the near future so if you have any enquiries about a performance in 2025 please do get in touch. 

Performance with White Rose Early Dance 

Early Dance Festival, Tadcaster, 2017

Solo Performance of Regency Dance

Early Dance Festival, Edinburgh, 2019


An Introduction to the History of Dance: A Lecture

10th & 11th June 2020

If you would like to book Lottie for a talk please get in contact

Current talks: 

Private Events and Tutoring

Lottie would love to contribute to your event. Lottie can (for example) teach dances, call dances and perform. 

Lottie has prepared and called dances at many different events from a Fantasy Ball held in a field to a Georgian Ball at the historic York Assembly Rooms. 

She has also run private workshops for birthday parties as well as corporate events. 

A private Courtly Midsummer Ball held in Chesterfield in July 2021


Lottie is dedicated to researching and sharing the history of dancing, etiquette and society in order to preserve this important piece of social history for future generations. 

Lottie is sharing her research both through live talks as well as on Youtube. She aims to post a video once a month looking at the history of dance as well as dance in modern interpretations. 

See her latest videos here: 

Regency Dance in Austen Adaptations

Local Groups

Our nearest local groups are:

The newly started Halifax Historical Dance is a local group covering many periods of dance. You can get in contact with them through their website

White Rose, meets in Huddersfield from 2 - 5pm, on the first Sunday of each month. If you’re interested in joining you can email on: hudds_earlydance@btinternet.com

Hertfordshire Early Dance, meets once a month in St Albans from 2 - 5:30pm, on a Sunday. If you're interested in joining you can check out their website

You can find other Early Dance Groups here

The Early Dance Circle is a group that promotes the enjoyment, performance and study of early dance. Runs a yearly Festival for groups to come together and share dancing. 

The Historical Dance Society promotes the study, practice and public engagement in the performance of European and other dances from the 15th to 20th centuries. Runs a yearly summer school aswell as regular study days.