Lottie has been performing in Historic Dance groups for over 10 years and provides Historic Dance Teaching and performances

Specialising in periods from the 11th- 20th Century- Lottie can cover dances from Medieval, Tudor, Renaissance, Baroque, Regency (Jane Austen), Victorian and the 1940s. 


Check out our previous events on this page to get a taste of what we can provide. 

Previous Workshops

Regency Dance Workshop

Sunday 6th March 2022 

A Regency dance workshop run in preparation for the Harrogate Regency Ball. The workshop covered a selection of regency dances.

Courtly Dance Workshop

Sunday 20th June 2021 

This was a free workshop in which I taught a selection of courtly dances throughout history. A slow and stately saunter out of lockdown this was a perfect opportunity for dancing in a grand ball gown and tall powdered wig and was much welcome after two years of uncertainty

19th Century Dance for Court and Country 

Saturday 14th March 2020 

St Olave's Church Hall, York 

A glimpse of a fantastic workshop teaching 19th century dance. An amazing workshop with fantastic people. 

An Introduction to the History of Dance: A Lecture

10th &11th June 2020 

In association with the York Virtual Festival of Ideas 

A whistle-stop tour of the history of dance- cramming over 1,000 years of footwork, choreography and social etiquette into just 40 minutes. Perfect for anyone who has ever wondered how the medieval peasantry let off steam; which moves Mr. Darcy was busting out on the dance floor; or what on earth a “Black Bottom Shuffle” is…

A part of the York Festival of Ideas this lecture covered the history of dance spanning the periods from the 10th century to the present day. It proved so popular that we had to put on an additional two time slots. Eventually this talk reached around 300 people and was an amazing experience for me. 


Performance with White Rose Early Dance 

Early Dance Festival, Tadcaster, 2017

Solo Performance of Regency Dance

Early Dance Festival, Edinburgh, 2019

Private Hire 

Lottie would love to contribute to your event. 

Lottie can (for example) teach dances, call dances and perform. 

Lottie is available to give lectures, talks and other advice on the history of dance. 

Please contact Lottie if you would like her to speak at your event. 

A private Courtly Midsummer Ball held in Chesterfield in July 2021.